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Online betting and gambling games are rapidly making their way into South East Asian countries as people move away from traditional casinos and conventional betting. And why wouldn’t they when Scr88 provides a relaxing and thrilling way to make live bets on their Sportsbook Malaysia platform, which is great.

The Sportsbook came into existence to add all featured sports under one roof to make it easy for gamblers. This also proves to be a more convenient and easier way to diversify risks and comply with all the legal procedures.

As a matter of fact, traditional betting involves multiple risks and can consume a lot of your time. If you are a firm believer of the phrase “Time is Money”, then you should probably look for more opportunities in your gambling career and improve your experience with sportsbook betting Malaysia.

In other words, no betting experience is enough without going through Sportsbook Malaysia gaming platforms. Having matches round the clock and featuring live games scores you would be able to make the most of your time while browsing Scr88.

Besides, the platform doesn’t stick to one or two games which can easily make you bored after a while. Rather, it comes with several sports categories to choose from, so you can diversify your risk while having fun at your home. Below are some of the Sportsbook Malaysia games you can pick from to have a smooth betting experience.


The IBC betting game on Scr88 is one of the top online sportsbook betting services in Malaysia. The platform has several functions and also provides a history of results for its users. This can be crucial for the determination of your future decisions.

When it comes to Malaysia Sportsbook gaming by IBC, the platform has multiple types of sports, such as Basketball, Baseball and even Rugby to choose from. Hence, if you are looking for best sportsbook Malaysia games, then going forward with IBC would be a perfect choice. Also, the game has National Basketball Association (NBA) live sessions and also supports multiple football leagues including UEFA.

With live scoring and quick bet features, you wouldn’t find it difficult to place your profitable bet while sitting comfortably in your couch. Although there are multiple leagues and games to place your bets on, people can still feel bored without engaging content.

For this, IBC provides a Number Game and Happy 5 Game functionality on its Sportsbook Malaysia platform, so users don’t feel the urge to look for alternatives. These games are highly engaging and fun, but can be a bit technical for new players. With options of Parlay and Early bet, users are likely to have a lot of option to benefit from Scr88 Malaysia Sportsbook platform.


The Winning FT Malaysia Sportsbook interactive game is another top online sportsbook betting services in Malaysia. The platform feels and looks similar to IBC, but it is a lot different and contains several added functions to improve the user’s experience. Established in 2004, WFT has constantly improved its services and various aspects of online betting while providing the highest security to its clients.

The WFT hosts multiple sports categories to place your bets. Keep in mind that some of them are absent in IBC, such as Badminton and Golf. You might consider WFT just another sportsbook betting Malaysia platform, but it is rather quite a casino on its own.

WFT boasts built-in casino games where you can increase your chances of making a decent profit from hobby betting. Another key feature of Winning FT is that it incorporates several E-games, Slots and Arcade games on a single page, so you have the best Malaysia online sportsbook betting site experience.

If none of it amuses and entices you to use WFT, then we are sure that their built-in Poker game along with Keno would highly increase your interest in the platform. After all, most of the bettors love poker to increase their savings, and with WFT it would be quite a thrilling experience as well.

Customer testimonial playing Sportsbook on Scr88

Playing IBC and WFT has been a great experience. I started with IBC as it was easy to use and contains comprehensive options to diversify your betting portfolio. Although I always find ways to improve my interaction with the platform, it honestly didn’t have better GUI in comparison to WFT.

I have often heard on multiple Malaysia Sportsbook gaming forums about WFT, and this made me more inclined to learn and use the platform. While playing on one of the best Malaysia online sportsbook betting sites, I assure you it has smooth controls to navigate and great graphics.

Also, Scr88 is a very decent Live casino and gambling platform and doesn’t have any poor graphics or glitches which can disturb your user experience. I have been using them for quite a long now and with their top-notch support I have not had a bad experience.

If you are going for WFT Sportsbook Malaysia games, then I highly recommend using Scr88 service to intensify your online gambling experience. Besides, for a novice, there are multiple promotional campaigns, such as deposit bonus and welcome bonus, which can add to your profits

Summary of playing sportsbook Malaysia in Scr88

Online betting involves high risk, and many gamblers still prefer the conventional ways of betting on sports. This problem is not something new and has existed for quite a long time. Besides, with many platforms popping up daily and other getting outdated gamblers find it quite hard to convince themselves to use online sportsbook betting services in Malaysia.

But Scr88 is a lot different than any other platform and is one of the best Malaysia online sportsbook betting sites. This can be measured by its commitment to bring more users on its platform by running several promotional campaigns and providing cutting edge support service for quick resolution of your complaints.

With several bad influences on online gambling, the platform provides a unique and engaging way to discover new areas of Sportsbook Malaysia games that can prove to be vital in shaping the future of the industry. Thus, whether you are a veteran bettor or just starting to enter the betting industry, the platform would be the perfect place to start.

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